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8 September
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I don't like loud noises, butterflies, any form of pepper, any form of peppers, junk mail, pugs, grapefruit, and a whole lotta other crap.

I am NOT an English major so excuse the spelling and grammer mistakes. I majored in science so I could abreviate everything. I don't even know if I spelled abreviate right...shit.
absolute kurrent, alaska, alternet.org, anthropology, archeaology, bagels, berry picking, bill mahr, biology, black, blue jeans, bluebells, books, breadsticks, burritos, calvin and hobes, camping, candles, canoes, cereal, cheerios, cheese, cheeseburgers, chimps, chocolate sprinkles, civil liberties, coffee, cold milk, corn on the cob, creeks, dancing, debates, democrats, denali, dental hygiene, environment, evolution, fairbanks, fairies, fall, flipflops, flowers, free speech, garden gnomes, ghosts, gorillas, grey, gulliver's bookstore, gummie bears, harry potter, hidden passageways, highway driving, hiking, history, hot chocolate, howard dean, independent bookstores, independent lens, irony, jane goodall, jeans, jem, kermit, kixs, liberalism, liberals, lightening, lipstick, little people, little rascals, macaroni and cheese, mary janes, meatball subs, michael moore, microbiology, mittens, molly ivins, moose, mother goose, moulin rouge, mountains, movies, muppets, mysteries, mystery writers, nancy drew, naps, now, pbs, peakin, peanuts, photographs, pink sunglasses, pizza crust, player's bar and grill, poe, politics, polotics, princess bride, prochoice, progressives, radiohead, red, red licorice, right to choose, rivers, robert service, salmon, satire, secret garden, she-ra, simpsons, six feet under, skeleton keys, skirts, sneakin, stockings, streams, swans, swimming, tacos, tangos, tea, teeth, the far side, the labyrinth, theater, thunder, tights, tok, tony horwitz, trumpter swans, vanilla ice cream, voting, walks, walt whitman, wet earth smell, wild roses, wine, wooden boxes

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